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One Pocket Billiards

One pocket is a special pocket billiard game in which each of the players can target the object balls into only one of the six pockets of the table. Therefore, the one pocket pool players are required to have variant of shooting techniques, an excellent shot making and cue ball control, a smart defensive strategy and lots of patience.

The pool game of one pocket takes place on a standard pocket billiard table with a set of 15 numbered balls and the cue ball. Before the opening break shot, the balls are racked in a random order inside a triangle rack.

The object of one pocket is to score a total of 8 points. The first player who pockets legally 8 object balls into his selected target pocket, wins the game. If a player who commits three successive fouls, he loses the game.

Each time a player pockets a ball legally, he scores one point. Pocketing a ball into the opponent's target pocket adds points to the opponent's score, unless a scratch occurred on the same shot. When a player scratches or commits a foul, he ends his inning and he is penalized with the addition of a ball per a scratch or a foul.

The breaking player chooses a target pocket from one of the corner pockets of the table before committing the opening break shot. His opponent gets a corner pocket on the other foot end corner of the table as a target pocket.

The one pocket pool game begins with an opening break shot, in which the player is required to pocket a ball into his target pocket legally. Another option to complete a legal opening break shot is by causing the cue ball to contact an object ball and then cause one object ball or more to contact a cushion. If the breaking player fails in meeting those requirements, then the opening break shot is a foul.

Whenever a player pockets a ball into his target pocket legally, his inning at the table continues until he fails in doing so. In order to complete a legal shot, the player must cause the cue ball to first contact an object ball and then pocket a numbered ball, or cause the cue ball or a numbered ball to hit a cushion. To fail in completing a legal shot is a foul.

When any of the numbered balls are pocketed into one of the four non-target pockets, they are considered as illegally pocketed balls. According to one pocket rules, illegally pocketed balls are spotted.

The one pocket game ends with the first player who has legally pocketed 8 object balls into his target pocket or when a player who has committed three consecutive fouls had to forfeit the game.