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Balkline Billiards

Balkline is the name used to describe a group of carom billiard games. The most well-known versions of Balkline are 18.1 Balkline and 18.2 Balkline.

Balkline games are played on a carom billiard table with no pockets and special markings on it. The object of the Balkline Billiards is to reach the predetermined sum of points.

Nowadays, pocket billiard games such as 8-ball and 9-ball pool and the carom billiard game three cushions billiard are much more popular tournament games in America. Nevertheless, Balkline Billiards continues to have a strong following.

18.2 balkline is played on a carom billiard tables with a standard set of carom billiard balls that consist of two cue balls and one object ball, known as the red ball. The table used in balkline games must have special markings on it. It must have 8 baulk areas, which are rectangular in shape and close to the cushions; 8 anchor areas, which are 9-inch squares sticking out of the cushions and one rectangle free area in the middle of the table.

In order to claim victory, the players must reach the predetermined sum of points prior to their opponents. In 18.2 balkline, one point is scored for each legal count according to the specific game rules.

Balkline Billiards Rules