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6 Ball Pool

6-ball is a pool game very similar to 9-ball. The rules of 6-ball pool and 9-ball pool are almost identical except that 6-ball is played with only 6 object balls (as opposed to the 9 object balls used in 9-ball pool games).

Learning to play 6-ball pool is very easy, especially if you already master the rules of the 9-ball pool game. However, here are detailed instructions on how to play the pool game of 6-ball.

The 6-ball pool game takes place between two players or two teams. There are 6 object balls, numbered 1 through 6 in addition to the cue ball. Prior to the opening break shot, the 6 balls are racked in a triangle configuration; the 1-ball is placed on the apex of the triangle, the rest of the balls behind it with the 6-ball in the middle of the last row.

The object of the 6-ball pool game is to pocket the 6-ball legally according to the specific rules of the game. The same as 9-ball, 6-ball is not a call shot game, therefore the player is not required to call any ball or a pocket before striking the cue ball. However, the 6-ball players are required to cause the cue ball to make the first contact with the lowest numbered ball on the table and to have it sink into any of the pockets on the table.

When the cue ball does not contact first the lowest numbered ball available on the table, it is a foul. After a player commits a foul, his opponent gets the cue ball in hand behind the head string. A player who commits three consecutive fouls would lose the game.

In 6-ball pool, safety play is a foul. Causing the object balls to jump off the table is also a foul; no penalty is imposed, the balls are all spotted and the incoming player has the cue ball in hand behind the head string.

The game of 6-ball ends with the first player who pockets the 6-ball legally or when a player loses the game as a result of three consecutive fouls.