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3 Ball Pool

3-ball is one of the most fun and easy pool games you can play. The rules in this unusual pool game are less strict than in any other pocket billiard games, plus there are no innings and the players are allowed to shoot until they pocket all three object balls. Here you can find detailed information on how to play the game of 3-ball pool.

3-ball is played on a pocketed billiard table, same one used in 8-ball, 9-ball and other pocket billiard games with only three object balls in addition to the cue ball. The object of the game is to pocket all three object balls while shooting as less as possible.

Since winning in 3-ball depends more on luck and less on skill and shooting technique comparing to other pool games, 3-ball is preferred by novice pool players. Additionally, 3-ball often attracts low budget gamblers.

Most general pocket billiard rules do not apply on 3-ball; the 3-ball players are not required to cause the balls to contact a rail or to make the balls hit the rail on the opening break shot, for example.

In 3-ball pool, more than 2 players can play the game. Each participant in this pool game plays until he manages to pocket the three object balls. After all the players have had their turn at the table, the game ends; the player whose score is the lowest wins the game. In the common cases in which the game ends with a tie, the winner of the game will be determined by the result of an additional game.

Before the opening break shot, the balls are racked in a standard triangle. The cue ball is placed on the head spot on the opening break shot. Note that the opening break shot does not count as a shot. A miss shot does count as a shot, but since there are no innings, the player would continue shooting.