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10 Ball Pool

10-ball pool is a pocket billiard game very similar to snooker. In 10-ball pool, your goal would be to score more points than your opponent did by potting the red balls and the colored balls alternately. In 10-ball pool, you would score one point for potting a red ball legally. The first colored ball that has been potted legally determines the value of potting all colored balls throughout the game.

The lowest value colored ball in this pool game is the green ball=3 points. The highest value ball is the yellow ball=10 points. Before the pool game begins, the 15 red balls are racked in a diamond shape; the 10-ball is placed on the centre spot, the black ball on the black spot, the pink on the pink spot, the blue on the green spot and the green ball on the yellow spot.

According to the 10-ball pool rules, the opening break shot requires the breaker to cause the cue ball to hit the apex red ball and then cause at least four reds to contact the pockets or the cushions of the table. Failing in doing so is a foul. Additionally, pocketing a cue ball or a colored ball on the break shot is a foul.

Unless the breaker had committed a foul, he may continue shooting until the stroke or the break is done; but this time he must nominate a colored ball and pot it. The value of the first colored ball potted determines the value of every potted colored ball during the current break. However, once the shooting player fails in potting a ball, the colored balls return to their original value. When there are no longer any red balls on the table, the shooting player has to pot the colored ball in ascending order.

In order to complete a legal shot, the 10-ball pool player is required to either pot a ball or cause it to contact a cushion. When a red ball sinks into a pocket legally, it remains there but a colored ball would be returned to its original position after it has been potted legally.

When a player commits a foul, the balls will remain in there current position, unless they were either potted or jumped off the table. The incoming player can choose between receiving 10 points and having the cue ball in hand, unless the foul has been committed on the break shot.

The winner of the 10-ball game is the player who has the highest score at the end of the frame. If the scores were even, the players would perform a shoot out, which will determine the winner of the 10-ball pool game.